Information about the opening in may to the public of our tourist apartments for this 2022 season

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Where we are

C/ Tulipa, 2 (Urb. Els Griells) 17258 L'Estartit - Costa Brava

Tel.: 972 75 03 26

Fax: 972 75 21 22


The different landscapes that en l'Estartit converges make of the population the starting point of constant discoveries by means of guided itineraries or in solitary, in the itineraries you can find hundreds of species of birds, of trees and of plants that allow to know new sounds and colors; protected spaces, as the swamp of the Ter Vell and the Gullet also conforms a space of a great beauty landscape; Solid impressive el of the Montgrí, presided over by the castle of the XIII century, ends in the sea configuring the coast of the Montgrí with more than 10 Km. of cliffs, small creeks and caves where you can only arrive on foot or in boat; the solid ones fortified that they transfer us to a time where one lived with the fear to the attacks of the pirates.

Besides enjoying an extensive beach of thin sand, from of the l'Estartit port one can also enjoy the wealth of the marine world thanks to the exit of numerous crafts with the glass bottom that you/they come closer until the Medas or across the coast. As we come closer to the Islands Medas we also have the possibility to go into in their waters and to observe the wealth of hundreds of species of fish, coral, algae and spineless, everything in world of colors within our reach.